Top Eleven 2022 Transfers

In Top Eleven you can buy players from Auctions, Scouting, Negotiations and Assistant.

  1. Auctions
    You will have a list of 16 players presented to you on every 4 minutes. You can bid for player you want and every bid takes 1 coin. The highest bidder win after 4 minutes deadline time ended. DC and MC are the most sought-after player roles and their bids are usually higher than other roles. We advice you to buy players here with at least 5 stars quality and your maximum bid should not be more than 20 coins. Players are usually a lot more expensive here during the first few days of a new season.
  2. Scouting
    You will have a list of 40 players presented to you on every 48 hours. These players are of high quality, 6-7 stars but cost at least 39 coins. We advice you to look for 7 stars player in DC or MC role that cost 49 coins and buy this player. A 6 stars DC or MC player could easily cost you around 20-30 coins in Auctions and a 6 stars player could only last for 1-2 seasons. While a 7 stars player could last for 2-3 seasons and not to mention they give a huge boost to your team in current season.
  3. Assistant
    Your assistant will offer you 3 players to buy everyday. He will offer player role in which your first lineup is weakest. For example, if your DC is the weakest player in your first lineup he will offer 3 DC players for you to buy. We advice you to only buy player cost less than 20 coins here. Any higher than that you can easily buy a cheaper one from auctions.