Football Manager 2024 - Test Details

Our test aims to produce results as close as possible to your actual play experience. For example, if a tactic scores average 80 points a season in our test, you will be able to consistently achieve similar result using a similar quality team in your own savegame. We only remove random elements from our test but retain the original teams and league structure.

These are some of the notable changes made in our test save:

  • Removed all cup competitions.
  • Removed all club from Champions League and Europa League.
  • Transfer embargo on all club so no club will be able to buy/sell players.
  • All players set to retired from national team.
  • All injuries occurence rate set to 0.
  • All player's Controversy set to 0, Loyalty set to 20 and Professionalism set to 20. This will prevent player behavioral problems that may affect his match performance.
  • Both test team's player preferred moves/player traits are removed.

Chelsea and Luton are choosen as the test team.

Each tactic will be tested for 3 times.

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30/11/23 04:53 PM
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